• How could I choose correct models according to labor conditions ?

    You can choose correct model the standarts of S1-S1p,S2-S3,O1-O2 by product feature and usage of area.

  • How can I find your models ?

    You can contact as below details

    Phone : 0212 853 94 96-97-98

    Phone : 0212 853 06 23-24-25


  • How could I reach nearby Mekap sales point ?

    Phone: 0212 853 94 96-97-98

    Phone : 0212 853 06 23-24-25


  • Do you have a sale on internet ?

    Some of our local dealers use internet sales on their website…

  • Do you have any product warranty that is purchased goods by Mekap dealers ?

    Its six month warranty just relevant to manufacturer defective products.

  • Do I live any stock problem after my order ?

    The most preferred models always in stock.But specific order takes 21 days.

  • Who cover the Cargo expenses in case of orders ?

    All Cargo expenses are covered by dealer.

  • Any functional models seperation for buying safety shoes on summer or winter period ?

    The safety shoe models selection change on climate conditions …

  • Does Mekap moulds comfortable ?What is your safety shoes size range ?

    Mekap models quarantees comfort and our size range 35 to 47 number.

  • What is your average weight for safety shoe models ?

    Pair of shoes weight approx. 450-500 gram