ISO EN 20344 standards in safety footwear business Mekap appropriate skin leather and split leather is used. Designed for the most demanding environments skin leather, breathable, waterproof quality at a high level, especially in property is tear and abrasion resistant leather. In dry environments, including less risk of split leather is used for producing the same quality and durability.


  • Breathable

    With the open pare structure, it passes air in and helps the shoe get ventilated.

  • Sweat absorption and releasing the absorbed sweat

    The foot beds, we use, habe a hhigh capacity to absorb sweat and release the absorbed sweat, so that it dries in seconds.

  • Antibacterial 

    Antibacretial feature that is in the footbed blocks the production of bacterias and smell.

  • Resistant to Abrasion

    During the life eyed, it is resistant to abrasion.

  • Climatization

    it provides the needed temperature inside the shoe. In winters, it provides a hot temperature, and in summers, cold.

  • Washability

    it has the feature to be washed in 30 ° C. It keeps its features following the washing process.

  • Suspension

    The inner base of the shoe is soft, providing a comfortable walking experience.

Soft Walk System

Soft Walk system, in direct contact with the foot, guarantees transpiration and comfort. Air circulation through the porous structure of PU, with large holes in the area where the heel sits, supports the heel correctly. By compressing and expanding, it lets out the moist air, away from the foot, generating a flow of air inside the footwear.





The tests show hat DRY TOUCH absorbs the moisture ten times faster than cotton. In constrast to cotton, when plunged into weter vertically, DRYTOUCH has more absorption feature.
The Features of the Climatex Cloth

Specially produced to the shoe sector, this cloth is highly breathable, has a quick absorbing and releasing sweat and moisture feature, high technology product with silver ion yarns. This product is also produced tor usage in shoes as lining with the high breathable function of its sponge without using a glue. It absorbs and releases the moisture and air easily. The Climatex cloth, which has a very soft touching, because of its high breathable function, ventilates and quickly absorbs water. High resistance against abrasion, fastness to perspiration, and its feature to not have a stain provides a superiority against cotton.

Antimicrobial Features

Antimicrobial featrue is permanent since the feature is given to the yarn during the production not at the end. The feature can not be affected of washing and abrasion, does not harm the human body, cause itchiness, irritation.


Products made with CORDURA Classic fabrics such as packs, luggage, footwear and performance apparel, feature enhanced tear and abrasion resistance, and longlasting durability.

Mimosa Anorak

With its resistance to abrasion and high breathable feature, this product, specially preferred in summer models.

Nemrut inside Lining

Since the flamed lamination is used there is no need to use a glue. Since there is no glue, breathing feature is very high. Pores of the sponge used in the middle level are designed to make air flowing better. It has the features of absorbing sweat and blocking smell.


Multi Protective

Multi Protective Anti-perforation, which ensures maximum resistance to perforation. MEKAP footwear has been certified as "zero perforation" since 2010, in compliance with the new standard EN ISO 12568:2010, integrated in standard EN ISO 20345:2011; this regulation states that the tip of the nail must not perforate the insole under a force of 1100N. Soft and flexible, it increases comfort and sensitivity, ensuring greater movement control and less strain. The possibility to use it as a "strobe stitched" insole increases the protecion surface by 100% Excellent thermal insulation and not detected by the metal detector.

PU Sole

BASF is a global manufacturer of differentiated chemicals. The polyurethanes division of BASF is a leading developer of engineering materials for technical injected sport, leisure, and proffesional footwear. Available in an assortment of hardnesses and densities.

BASF Polyurethanes footwear systems are light yet tough; comfortable but hard wearing; flexible and durable; they perform equally well in hard wearing work footwear where chemical, oil, solvent and slip resistance are essential to comply with workplace safety standards.


ESD Protection - EPA Areas

Following the increased use of electronic instruments, there has also been a rise in the demand for ESD footwear, Mekap expands its ESD product range.

Mekap, it is excellent for less restrictive workplaces, Mekap ESD footwear discharges the accumulated electrostatic charges constantly and effectively to the ground. Static electricity is normally defined as missing or excess electrons on the surface of an object neutral. Installed an electrostatic fields, particularly in situations which will create noise or damage to electrostatic sensitive devices events can discharge static electricity. ESD footwear, accumulate in the human body serves to spread the electrostatic current.

SRC EN ISO 20345:2011

In terms of non-slip, standard EN ISO 20345:2011 states that the footwear must pass tests on 2 different surfaces with classifications related to the individual tests, SRA or SRB. As the requirements of both tests are passed, SRA and SRB, all the MEKAP footwear is awarded SRC non-slip cetification.

Composite Toe Cap

ULTRA LIGHT PROTECTION Made of ultra-light composite material it is resistant to an impact force of over 200J, requested by the standard, and is capable of immediately regaining its original shape without trapping the foot in the case of a very strong impact. It ensures perfect thermal insulation, it is not electrically conductive and is not detected by the metal detector.


CE Label Information

A shoe that bears the sign CE, has passed the mondatory tests relating to the EN ISO 20344 standart and has been produced of highperformance meterial. In this context,a certified MEKAP shoe has been tested and approved at the Middle East Quality Control Laboratory (Prüf-und Forschungsinstut Pirmansens e.V. - Maria-Curie-Str. 19-66953 Pirmansens/Germany) which has the authorization number 0193 according to the instructions of the European Economic Community (EEC) (Instruction Number: 89/686 EEC) that is prepared for personel Protective Equipment (PPE), Shoes that are manufactured by MEKAP, meets the relevant qualifications of European standarts

Safety Shoes with 200J resistant toe cap

SB: Safety Basic

S1: A+SB+E





Working shoes without protecting toe cap

OB: SB(only if present)

01: A+E

01P: A+E+P

02: A+E+WRU

03: A+E+WRU+P

  • ESD

  • Insulator

  • SB

  • Waterproof Shoes

  • Oil Resistant

  • S4

  • S5

  • Steel Toe-Cap [200 J]

  • Waterproof Shoes

  • Oil Resistant sole

  • Water Resistant Upper

  • Anti-Slip Sole

  • Antistatic Footwear

  • Antishock Sole

  • Panetration Resistant Steel Midsole

  • Water Vapour Permeability

  • Cold Insulation

  • Sole Resistance to 300 °C on Contact

  • Abrasion Resistant Sole